The Return: (North) ‘Merica

Well, it’s late July.  Not sure exactly how time travels so quickly but if we could monetize that speed none of us would need to work ever again.  In this short time, I realized a few things.  First, I kinda sorta needed a job.  Second, a shower and haircut were imminent.  And third, I wasContinue reading “The Return: (North) ‘Merica”


For those of you who have not worked in the professional services industry before, realization is the profitability of projects that a company is engaged to perform.  In more personal terms, realization is the point at which you are fully aware that something has become a fact or when you achieve something desired or anticipated.Continue reading “Realization”

Thailand – Taking Chances

So I began with some difficulty in finding the right way to tell the lessons and stories of Thailand, so I decided I won’t do it in this post. I’ll spread the love to a series of posts! That way we can all enjoy it over and over again! 😀 So without further ado, hereContinue reading “Thailand – Taking Chances”