My name is Taka, and yes I do enjoy a frequent helping of tacos.  Preferably from Taco Truck or another equally delicious establishment.  I’ve been around the block once or twice and want to share my travel stories with YOU.  I believe that it doesn’t take wheelbarrows full of cash and mansions at every corner of the world to be able to travel richly.  I’m here to share a bit about what makes traveling so great and to bring you in on my journey.  I hope I can show you that a nearly empty wallet and an ambitious mindset can make for a great experience any day of the week! 🙂

My Trips:

  • Haiti 2017
  • Chile 2017
  • Argentina 2017
  • Colombia 2017
  • Ecuador 2016
  • Peru 2016
  • Dominican Republic 2016
  • Kenya 2016
  • Costa Rica 2015
  • Thailand 2014
  • Belize 2013
  • Haiti 2013
  • Haiti 2012
  • Canada 2010
  • Holland 2008
  • Japan 2006
  • Bermuda 2006
  • Japan 1991 (the most memorable trip)
  • United States 1990

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