My name is Taka, and yes I do enjoy a frequent helping of tacos.  Preferably from an establishment slightly more delicious than Taco Bell.  I’ve been around the block once or twice and want to share my travel stories with YOU.  I believe that it doesn’t take wheelbarrows full of cash and mansions at every corner of the world to be able to travel richly.  I’m here to share a bit about what makes traveling so great and to bring you in on my journey.  I hope I can show you that a nearly empty wallet and an ambitious mindset can make for a great experience any day of the week! 🙂

My Trips:

  • Cuba 2018
  • Haiti 2017
  • Chile 2017
  • Argentina 2017
  • Colombia 2017
  • Ecuador 2016
  • Peru 2016
  • Dominican Republic 2016
  • Kenya 2016
  • Costa Rica 2015
  • Thailand 2014
  • Belize 2013
  • Haiti 2013
  • Haiti 2012
  • Canada 2010
  • Holland 2008
  • Japan 2006
  • Bermuda 2006
  • Japan 1991 (the most memorable trip)
  • United States 1990 (a delivery room)

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