22 Days

22. Never be afraid to speak your mind, or just speak at all. Tell your story and perspective, but with an open mind. There are no wrong thoughts, just ones that have an opportunity to succeed and ones with no opportunity at all.

Being right doesn’t consent the need to gloat, but it does give you a responsibility to speak your side of things and also be open to realizing that you are wrong, if not fundamentally then perhaps in a smaller way. There is nothing wrong with learning that you are wrong, it can only improve you.

Apologies for the political infusion, but I think it is very relevant today. When speaking about political opinions, I think that this lesson applies best. Sometimes it is more important to have a conversation than it is to just simply get your point across.

One thought on “22 Days

  1. Well written Taka. I have found this is to be valuable in all facets of life, business and personal. Being raised by an Italian male, something got lost in the way of speaking with an open mind! LOL.


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