Book of the Month: July 2018

One of the beautiful aspects of a long commute on public transit is the ability to spend that time reading.  It’s something I’ve set my mind to taking advantage of since I began commuting into NYC last year.  Taking a ride through the pages of a train is one of the things I’ve come to cherish regularly.  It’s also no surprise that many of the books we’ve come to find as our favorites were passed down as suggestions from family and friends.  It’s with that intention that I’m starting my book of the month series!  I’ll be sharing some of my favorites and recent reads with the hope that maybe someday you’ll share the same delight in a particular book or story.

This inaugural book for July is Salt to the Sea.  Set in the alternately cold and grimacing grip of WWII in Europe, this is a story of tragedy and triumph beyond the tragedy with twists, turns, and splendid writing.  Based on an actual event, largely unforgotten through the vast volume of atrocities during this period of history, you will certainly learn something in addition to the entertainment value.  If you have any interest in historical fiction, this will be a riveting read.


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