24 Days

24. Patience is key. The right opportunity or thing may not come right now. But if you make the most of what you have and trust that what you really need will come to you when the time is right, pleasant surprises will abound.

This could not be more true in situations both large and small. On one occasion, my glasses on this trip actually broke. The hinge connecting the arm to the frame just fell off. The hostel didn’t have either glue or tape but a friend I’d met had super glue and was more than happy to offer some. A combination of that and some duct tape I had were the perfect temporary remedy!

Something as small as waiting for the nice weather days on a long hike and being rewarded by incredible views can make experiences that much more worthwhile as well.  It’s all about attitude.

Keeping faith in this thought is one of the more difficult things to do in life. But if we can do it even a limited portion of time, I’ve found in my own experience that it can be incredibly rewarding, both at home and on the road.


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