100 Days

100 days. It feels quite surreal. The dream that’s plagued my mind for several years is and has been here for some time now. As I expected, the speed with which I’ve moved through time during this trip has been blistering. But of course, that is wonderfully indicative of how great of an experience this has been, and I am eternally thankful for it. 100 days also instills something in your mind which I was hopeful would be one of the positive repercussions of this trip, and that is a sense of appreciation for things back home. Namely, you. Family, friends, and everyone else. So thanks to you, all of you, for being the support and continuity during this journey that has now seen 4 countries and will soon see a fifth. None of this would be possible or as enjoyable if it weren’t for you! 🙂


One thought on “100 Days

  1. Taka, What I have gathered in the short period of time that I have gotten to know you is the great group of family, friends and colleagues supporting you. Enjoy!!


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