Well, being that its New Year’s Eve, I think this is a better time than ever to talk about goals, especially because they’ve been on my mind for some time now.

Goals are a hot topic. They are the reason for success both individually and as a human race. Without goals, our determination and direction in life would probably wane. There are a few things that go a long way in being able to achieve goals and I’d like to share some tidbits I’ve found come to find as quite useful.
1. Sit down and write a list of goals. Start with short term goals and work your way out in time (1, 3, 5 years). Isolate it down to 1-3 bigger goals and a few smaller ones so that you can appropriately focus on them.

2. Research your goal. Has anyone else ever done this before or is there a community that has a common goal with you? Social pressure can work in your favor.

3. Visualize your goal being achieved. This doesn’t just need to be in your mind. For example, if your goal is to travel throughout South America for 6 months, travel there for a shorter period of time and give yourself a tease of the benefits of achieving the goal.

4. Remember that it doesn’t matter what others think of your goal. Don’t be distracted by dogma. If it is your goal, it is you who will enjoy the fruits of your hard work when you achieve it.

5. Map out steps over time that will allow you to see the progress you make. If you are saving money for a big goal, track your savings and progress to the final total.
These are some of the tools that I used to reach goals and will continue to use. Everyone is different but this may serve as a good starting point for you. Remember that the only person who is stopping you from achieving anything is you, despite how easy it may be to blame others for shortfalls. Hold yourself accountable and you will find yourself to be a much stronger person and your goals will find themselves much more frequently completed. Best of luck and I welcome any suggestions on good tips for checking off goals!  Good luck to all and enjoy the last hours of 2016!


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