First Step – Thailand

Hi all!

It’s been a while, hope you’ve all had a great holiday and new year!  I’d like to continue this time in our conversation about Thailand.  More specifically, I want to talk about first steps, fear, and reaching goals.  When I think about my fears, I tend to stop thinking about my fears shortly thereafter by avoiding the topic.  This is the same way I handled the thought of traveling alone, avoiding the thought.

I’ve had the desire to travel alone but never had enough motivation or passion to take the next step.  Why?  Because it was different and I didn’t know what the first step was.  I was afraid of the unknown.  This fear is the source of countless cases of procrastination, failed goals, and frightened children (and some particularly brave adults) worrying about what monsters are under their bed.

The best way to handle this is actually the simplest way, take one step.  Think about this example.  If you want to wake up earlier in the morning what do you do?  First set your alarm, second don’t hit snooze.  So what did I do to get past the fear of traveling?  Take the first step, buy a nonrefundable ticket.  I didn’t have any plans but I definitely made them after buying the ticket.

The point is it really can take just one step to make a huge difference in others and our own lives.  So take a chance, buy that ticket, and shine a flashlight on those pesky monsters under the bed once and for all.

Stay happy!



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