New Kid On The Block

Hello there!

Welcome to the inaugural post on this somehow already world famous blog!  A little bit about myself, I’m a twenty something (24) stranger who loves people, new places, and doing things.  Ok, I’m a being a bit vague with that, this is my first go, give me a break!  I’m actually an accountant from New Jersey, which automatically makes my life shitty.  That’s a little something for those of you who’ve watched The Other Guys with Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell.  But surprisingly, life isn’t that bad!  Other than being an accountant, I’m also an avid traveler who would love to see every continent thoroughly by the time I’ve called it quits.  Lastly, I’m also a foolish runner who thinks he can actually finish a marathon in less than 2 hours.  That may have a slightly lower chance of happening, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try!

So at this point, you’re probably wondering why you’re reading a blog from this runner, accountant, traveler from New Jersey.  While I’d love to think it’s because you just love hearing my voice, I’m no fool.  I’m actually here to share tips on running, traveling, and money savviness that I’ve learned in my days.  I may not be able to shape you into a champion marathoner, expert world traveler, or Warren Buffet, but I will try my very hardest to do each of these things, whether you have any interest in becoming Warren Buffet or not (if not, I would like a long and thorough explanation WHY NOT).

That’s all I have to start out on this lovely extended Thanksgiving weekend, but there’s lots more to come with the next post being about my most recent trip to Thailand for two weeks.  Don’t miss it!

Stay happy!



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